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Chivala Beach

The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. Visit the beach to have first hand experience of how pleasurable it can be.  This is a beautiful stretch of clean sand and clear waters bordering Malvan town from North West. It is a very small beach, calm & serene beach, in evening laze around the beach and watch the sun go down. A small restaurant called Darya Sarang & Silver Sands serves local fish and refreshments

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is an exciting place to be in as it holds immense tourism potential. Tarkarli village have a narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters at one side and Karli River bordered with lush green palm trees on other side. The beach is known as Tarkarli beach and rightly called as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. With its swaying palms , it’s a delight to be here. The dead end of tarkarli beach where Karli river merges into the sea is known as Mobar point,Devbagh.
With its sprawling coastline, Takarli has become the perfect place for water sports. The youngster in the locality who are originally from fisherman community, offers you speed boat ride, water-skiing, banana bump rides, dolphin spotting rides. Next, move to snorkel, scuba dive, para-sailing, paragliding, camel ride, horse ride and so on.

Devbag Beach

A confluence of the Karli River flowing into the Arabian Sea. This point marks the southern most tip of the Malvan taluka. The beach lures to the tourists by its stunning white sand and beautiful blue water lagoon, thus an idealist spot for swimming ,sunbathing and pick nicking. Flock of local sea birds add to the beauty of serene surroundings by playing with the sea waters. A hill in the back drop offers panoramic view of Arabian sea and light house situated on the rocky island. Sunset is the peak time to watch this natures expression. Mingles secretly with sea waters from behind Devbaug’s famous Mobar Point.Local fishermen recently started water sports near confluence. They have water scooterjet skibumper ride,banana/dolphin boat rideKayak boating sports.

Malvan Beach

This is one of the most commercially active beaches in the Konkan. It is buzzing with life at the jetty where most of the fishermen anchor their boats of various dimensions and colors. There are a few bars and restaurants on the beach unlike most other seashores on the Sindhudurg coast. It is one of the friendliest atmospheres alive with banter among the locals.
This beach is not a place for relaxation, however, it is close to the city centre and perhaps the most accessible beach in the area. Another promising forthcoming attraction here is a one of its kind marine park in Asia. The government has proposed the marine park since 2000, but there has not been any action on it yet. The area of Malvan is a fortified island on the coastal reef. Coral patches have been recorded in the interstitial regions around the Sindhudurg fort. Most of these marine flora and fauna from the inter-tidal area is exposed during any low tide. So keep an eye out for a great opportunity for scuba diving. However, for now the best attraction on this beach remains to be the Sindhudurga fort.

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg fort is constructed  by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on a small Island called ‘Kurte’. It was the period of 1664. Considering direction of the wind & force of the rain water, using  500 Khandis of lead were bought, melted & sprayed at the base of the rampart. Near 4000 workers & 100 Portuguese toiled at the site under the vigil of 5000 Mavals (loyal). The stones of boulders required for the work were brought from far away Phonda & Amboli. 

Shivaji’s temple is the main temple in the fort. It is only one of its type in the country. This temple was built by Rajaram which was extended with construction of outer hall by Shahu. It has an idol of Shivaji seen without beard & mustache. The legend behind this idol says that Rajaram requested Shivaji & draw a portrait after the death of Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai. That time as a customary Shivaji shaved off his beard & mustache. With this portrait Rajaram ordered an idol to sculpt.

Jay Ganesh Temple

A malvani man, Mr Jayant Salgaonkar built this huge & stunning temple in 2004 as sanctity. It sits amidst of Medha, a small ward of Malvan. Now days, this temple is a great attraction for the Tourists. The sanctum internally a square & externally crowned with a graceful tower. A golden idol Ganesh is worshiped daily. A huge courtyard provides a serenity & invigorate the tourist. A carving sculptures on temple enchanting the viewer.

Rock Garden

Rock garden is  a well-maintained and naturally decorated garden, an attraction of Malvan. The rocks are really huge with the waves smashing on them with full vigour. If you visit Malvan, a visit to the rock garden cannot be missed. The crabs running around on the rocks give a wonderful glimpse of the rich marine life.
Garden is quite descent with greenery and flowers all around Best part is you can go towards sea from garden. it’s an ideal place to just plonk and watch the sunset. Ideal for budding photographers.

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